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The more features come to edge and the more extensions you have installed the more cluttered the context menu gets. I would like to have settings to customize the context menu entries.


A few thoughts on that:

1. It is not possible to prevent an extension from creating a context menu entry but for some extensions I just don't want/need an entry because I can do everything from the extension button.

2. I rarely use Save as, Print, Cast media to device, Read aloud and Translate but if I need them I can access those features from the 3dot menu or the search bar. They remain hidden until I need them.

3. Here is my context menu on this techcommunity page. I am not sure who, apart from developers, needs the four entries at the bottom (View page source, View frame source, Refresh frame, Inspect).

Screenshot (53).png

 Two things to consider for the implementation:

1. The most straightforward thing to do I think is to be able to customize every entry in the context menu.

2. One could also have a cleaner context menu by default and show additional options when holding Ctrl (or another modifier key) while right clicking.

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@Curundor Neat suggestion! I'll pass this on to the Menu team.


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