Add an option to 'Add link to Favorites' in right click menu on the webpage

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I have been using Edge for a while now. Though i like it instantly (made it my default browser), I miss some legacy features or should i say most common feature for users who use favorites/bookmarks quite often. It's the ability to bookmark/favorite a link on a currently open webpage by right clicking on it. 


This is a very simple feature, currently present in all major browsers including Internet Explorer 11.

Kindly review this suggestion.



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I don't remember Chrome having this option, if considering major browsers


anyway, there are extensions that do this job and I've personally tried these 2 on Edge just now:



Thank you for finding the extension/addons. But these are outdated & not maintained by developer. Will try to find more recent extensions that are working fine.
I just switched from Firefox to Edge. I been using Firefox for more than 10 years now.

I will make do with drag & drop on the Favorites Bar.