Add an import and export all Edge settings

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This will help to restore settings after a fresh install or reinstall

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After a fresh install or reinstall, it should sync your settings within a few minutes. Not really sure this is necessary.




Synchronization only affects things like bookmarks, passwords, and a few more things about the user profile. All other settings are not synchronized.
I agree that everything could be synchronized, all settings without exceptions. It would even be better than exporting and importing.

Ah, my apologies for misunderstanding.

I would create another thread/update this thread in which you list things that do not sync and hope someone from the Microsoft Edge synchronization team reads this thread.

I also think it's not a good idea for all settings to be synced, as the user might want a feature to be enabled in the browser installed on computer X but disabled in the browser installed on computer Y.
So I think it's better to have the option to export and import the settings.