Add all tabs to collections not listed in Tab Actions Menu

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I have multiple logins on my Win 10 Home laptop, ver. 21H2: one for my everyday use, one for online learning, and one for my start-up endeavors. 


I have the option in the tab actions menu to "add all tabs to collection" for my everyday account and my start-up account but not my online learning account--the one that I'm using right now.  I'm scratching my head wondering how that can be.  


The questions I am seeking answers to:

1.  Does anyone have an answer as to why this is? 

         --If so, would you be so kind as to explain why it is happening, so I have an understanding?

2.  How do I correct it in Edge settings, if possible? 

3.  If that is not possible, is there a way to migrate settings from one account to another: copy-and-pasting folders/files, a programming script, etc.?


All accounts are completely up to date regarding Windows Updates.  I cannot think of anything else that might cause the option to appear in two accounts' browsers but not in one.


Thanks in advance.


p.s.  I have already tried searching through the forum and only found one other entry that was remotely relevant, and it was abandoned by the respondent, so no answer was given.

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