Add all tabs to collections not listed in Tab Actions Menu

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I have multiple logins on my Win 10 Home laptop, ver. 21H2: one for my everyday use, one for online learning, and one for my start-up endeavors. 


I have the option in the tab actions menu to "add all tabs to collection" for my everyday account and my start-up account but not my online learning account--the one that I'm using right now.  I'm scratching my head wondering how that can be.  


The questions I am seeking answers to:

1.  Does anyone have an answer as to why this is? 

         --If so, would you be so kind as to explain why it is happening, so I have an understanding?

2.  How do I correct it in Edge settings, if possible? 

3.  If that is not possible, is there a way to migrate settings from one account to another: copy-and-pasting folders/files, a programming script, etc.?


All accounts are completely up to date regarding Windows Updates.  I cannot think of anything else that might cause the option to appear in two accounts' browsers but not in one.


Thanks in advance.


p.s.  I have already tried searching through the forum and only found one other entry that was remotely relevant, and it was abandoned by the respondent, so no answer was given.

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I have the same problem. My main account does not see and if I create a guest account it has that button. Its a very useful functionality.
i do have the same thing

Since it's been approximately 5 MONTHS and NO ONE seems to have a clue around here, I've began trying to recreate the occurrence myself. I've noticed that the option disappears from the tab actions menu once settings are changed under Appearance / Customize Toolbar.  I'm trying to attach a screenshot of this section but I can't seem to do that either.


Changing options back to what they were doesn't bring the option back.


Resetting my settings under Settings / Reset Settings doesn't bring the option back.


I found an article that recommend repairing Microsoft Edge, and did that.  It didn't bring the option back. The only option left from that article is to uninstall Microsoft Edge and reinstall it.  However, nothing seems to be working and, as usual, with Microsoft it's crickets chirping.  I'm seriously about to go back to Firefox--no lie. My only issue with Firefox was it's a memory hog.


I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that works. If nothing, then I'm walking away from Edge. The lack of support in this forum and from Microsoft is disheartening. I'm really starting to regret switching to Edge from Firefox--lesson learned.

@Quest4Knowledge I feel you man. Unfortunately I even deleted whole windows and reinstalled from usb, but when you log in, its the same.
I tried Edge because it feels so fast upon a fresh Windows install. Youtube videos are instantly loading. I compared with Firefox and it was faster than all. On internet I read the same thing, that after the removal of Internet Explorer, Edge became the fastest.

I have the same issue. As @Socca98 and the thread starter @Quest4Knowledge stated correctly, the problem is account based. So any Edge reset or reinstall or use on a fresh Windows installation does not solve the problem - as long as you do not change the account. So these problematic and somewhere hidden "Edge settings" stuck with your account. But how to change this? I still do not know.

At least I probably found an explanation but no solution on reddit for this: