Add ability to pin saved addresses

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I think it would be a useful feature if in the ‘saved addresses’ settings there was an option to pin the addresses you want to keep and an option to clear all except pinned. I have found that as the saved addresses saves almost every form field it can get very cluttered and I spend a large amount of time clearing the fields I don’t need.



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@xelast418 don't know what you mean with ‘saved addresses’ settings but if you select multiple tabs you can pin it and even delete other without pinned tab.


if you mean the bookmarks panel, now there is no way to pin url, and even no way to delete all except pinned urls (outside you select all and deselect the pinned, or you select all other).  i think they should add such pin urls too (or even pin folders) in case you want to reorder the urls. see

Under edges settings there is a tab for 'addresses and more' which saves data entered into forms. The settings has nothing to do with URLs but saves things like names and email addresses.

@xelast418 ok this is the same like i suggested to chrome, to remove all my @.... from this panel, except keeping my main @ and postal code, country, etc. 

now i discovered that i cannot find anymore the discussion i started with google. 


i agree with you and i add you to