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Please add the ability to change a profile picture to a custom photo.  I believe this would be a welcome feature for both business use and home use.  I manage several Microsoft 365 tenants and I have profiles for each of my clients' tenants.  I would like to change the profile pictures to their respective company logos so that I easily know which profile belongs to who when I have multiple ones open.  Thank you!

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you can already do it.
for free Microsoft accounts, the Edge shows the same image as the Microsoft profile picture.
for Office 365 accounts, it's the same.
when your tenant members set a custom profile picture for themselves in their profiles, or when you set it for them, the same picture is visible on Edge.
I've done it myself with both E5 and Business premium subscriptions.

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Thank you HotCakeX for the reply. Yes that would work. I wasn't thinking when I posted that. :) It still would be nice to add a custom photo to a profile that is not connected to a Microsoft Account.
You're welcome :)
Yes i agree with you on that