Add a ''close tab'' button on the ribbon when using vertical tabs

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Closing a tab whilst using vertical tabs is much to complicated why not add a close tab 

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I think the best way to close tabs is to use the shortcut ctrl+w. It is very immediate and easy to remember.

thanks for that
but nothing beats a button the place there is anyway empty
in the screenshot, the button is on the right side, but vertical tabs are on the left side, that takes longer to go left and right to close each tab i think..
you can also middle mouse click on tabs to close them.
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i am on a mac thats why its that way on windows it would be perfect

and thanks for the tip of middle clicking
Yes, I think the solution of a button would not be very immediate. They could enlarge the vertical tab bar so that there is enough space for an x to close the tab. However I prefer to use the shortcut ctrl+w.