Add a CDN cache

Steel Contributor

I would like to see in Edge a (Facultative) option to cache CDN (js) content.

Work like this : 

Detect CDN asking for "library version X", check on Microsoft server and send the library to edge who will check sometime if there is an update to the library on Microsoft update endpoint.


It would serve two purpose:

1. Speed up the browsing since i have seen recently a guy who have (by script) browsed a million of website and the CDN was the main culprit to slow website (with ads and tracker right after).

2. Security : if a website use a unsafe library who have a security update Microsoft can replace for instance 1.1 (unsafe), with 1.1.1 (patched), it transparent to the user and secure website even if their dev don't update the unsecure lib.


Of course this function must be facultative, and must have a way to select the folder where store this CDN content (since it can take some space on the disk)


Edit : after some reflexion it add a tird advantage : Privacy, since these CDN don't have your ip anymore and can't track you (yes microsoft can but if you use edge with sync they already know your history so).

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