Accounts limit in Edge for iOS and iPadOS

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I am a heavy user of the account feature, as it is perfect when you are working from a lot of different Office 365 admin logins.


In Edge Chromium for Windows 10 and MacOS there don’t seem to be a limit on the number of accounts, but on my iPhone and iPad I can create only one Microsoft account (primary) and one Work account. Is this going to change?

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how about offline accounts? still limited?
Offline accounts? Do you mean accounts that are not synced?

I cannot find any way to create more accounts than the two described.
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@Ole Thomsen Thanks for letting us know that you'd like to see that as an iOS feature. I'll pass this on to our mobile browser team and loop back with you if they have any additional feedback.


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Any updates on this? Multiple profiles still seem to be unavailable for iOS.
Looks like minimal progress here.
I using 6 account profiles and with working from home and office and out and about the profiles and syncing is fantastic.

Just need more than 2 on the ios!!
We really need another solution. I manage many Microsoft business accounts. Is there an option for running multiple edge instance on iPhone?
Any updates from Microsoft on this one? I am in the same boat. I have 6-8 business AAD profiles (4 for the schools I work with, 3 for my church and another ministry where I volunteer/serve with, and a "personal" business account/MS Partner tenant) I am usally bouncing between and through in there 2 or 3 personal MSA accounts as well, most of which are used for separate synced browser profiles on many of the 6 or so various PCS that I am regularly on. Would LOVE it if I could add those profiles to my iPhone (as well as my Android, but know this thread is referencing iOS), as would make my job (and personal) life, as far as browsers go, MUCH more usable, matching use of Edge on the PC'S that I bounce between.

Thanks for listening!

Any news on this? I’m basically using chrome and safari as other profiles as edge doesn’t support more. Would be great if I could keep it all in edge.

I’m in the same boat here myself. Trying to do some work on leave and man could I do with at least 4 profiles in order to do my work.

This is also being discussed here, with MS encouragement of using feedback

However the staff member appears to have potentially left Microsoft.

REALLY could do with this as the iPad I’m using on holiday is surprisingly more than enough for a good portion of tasks but this in particular is holding me right back. I actually like using Edge, specifically for work.

Same problem here. The platform disparity is starting to crunch as more mobile devices are getting used around my organisation and people are increasingly using multiple ‘work’ accounts for a whole host of legitimate reasons. 
This is needed in Edge mobile.