Account tab crossover.

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When signing into Google services like Gmail and then when subsequently opening a new tab on Youtube. It should automatically sign me in to the new page since I am already signed in on the browser. Why does this not work?

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you mean like you want to sign into Gmail first by going to its login page, enter your user/password and select "remember me" and then you go to YouTube or another Google website and you expect them to automatically be signed into your Google account without clicking on the "sign in" button on those websites, am i right?


Yes, If I am already signed into the same service any other service using their system logs me in. Works in both Chrome and Firefox. Just not Insider.

I don't use Firefox but in Google chrome I think it does it because I'm logged into the browser with my Google account so it uses that to log me in automatically to Google sites.

try setting tracking preventing to basic or just disable it in Edge and see if it changes the behavior. ad blocking extensions can cause interference too