Accessibility feedback on tab close button in Vertical Tab Bar (column?)

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Make closing tab ([x] button) easier (Accessibility)
Problem -
In vertical tab collapsed bar the close (x) button is not visible. Currently, when we over over the tab it expands the vertical bar and the close button (x) appears at the right most side. This means to close the tab we have to move mouse again to the rightmost edge of expanded bar. Many times the mouse goes a little too far to right which collapses the vertical bar and we have to start the process again.


Potential solution and ideas -
1. (x) close button always visible on left side. So there is no need to wait for vertical column to expand and move mouse around. However we should be careful that people dont misclick it when they want to switch to the tab.

2. (x) button is visible on left side on hovering after a delay. Can help to solve misclick problem.

3. Have a (x) close button at a dedicated location (similar to (+) New Tab button) that closes "current" tab. Some location idea - top most left or just above/below (+) New tab button.


More ideas are welcome.

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I agree. Just started using the new interface (vertical instead of horizontal tab bar) and its main drawback is the delay generated by this. Moving the close button just right of the tab's icon and keeping it visible would be the simplest solution. In a horizontal bar there is no lag, once you click the tab you see the close button immediately.
Wie kann ich das letzte update deinstallieren da ich online nix mehr machen kann über edge seit heute.