About 'Video Super Resolution' [HD] (Canary Channel user)

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Please read this. I am a painter/illustrator. When I upload my images (still images), I edit them to make sure that the color tones, details and everything looks the best. In this way, I've only uploaded the images with satisfactory quality, but once the '[HD] mode' is turned on, the highlights and brightness become excessively strong, and the sharpness is also lost, ruining my images that have been edited so many times. Not just me but most creators, such as illustrators and photographers, edit and upload their images without expecting any changes in image quality due to [HD] mode.
It would be nice if this service was only effective for enhancing low-resolution videos (such as old ones), but it turns out that it has an effect on many still images on the web as well. I think it's a bad idea. 
So, is it possible to make some settings (or adjustments) so that my images are not subject to any changes from [HD] mode or limit its effects on low-resolution videos only?
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