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Hi everyone! I am 33 years old, about to graduate college again, this time with a degree in Computer Information Systems. I wish I had found out about this forum a while ago because I have been using Edge/Edge Devs for months now and I love the features, a lot of which go unnoticed by the average user. For instance, a friend of mine runs a webstream every day about the stock market. I casually mentioned to him that out of all of the major browsers only Edge streams in 1080p. He was shocked, but he looked into it and 2 days later (and ever since) he has been using Edge with notable improvements. That is just one small feature of Edge and it's not even new! My point is that the browser is capable of so much most people do not even know about most of the features and that's a shame, but that is what I am building my website for. Even though I offer to teach people how to use the devices they already own for free, it is still very hard to convince people that these things are worth learning. (Any suggestions are welcome lol). While I have been building my site Edge has been extremely helpful. The inspect tool, with the 3D view and this cool CSS debugger I found, make looking at my site in different ways, and being able to run Lighthouses on it have been invaluable. I forget who wrote this CSS program, it's simple and genius and you save it to your bookmarks bar. It is just some javascript written to select every element, put a white border around it, and blue background, it helps you see how elements are laid out other webpages so I can make mine better. Sorry for the long intro, but I am very excited to find this forum and be able to have a discussion with people who are interested in the same things and hopefully can teach me something!! I would and will post a link to my page, when it is not totally torn down like it is now.

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