About the mini game (edge://surf/) in Edge Dev Insider

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Personally, I find this surf game a bit too difficult to operate.
Mainly because props for acceleration are often unavailable and then caught by trailing octopuses (the average glide distance is about 1000m). Compared to Chrome Dino, Edge Surf's difficulty is still high, with a steeper curve.Snipaste_2020-04-27_16-42-06.png


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Hey Harmos_Northphil! It can be a bit challenging to learn at first, but try collecting speed boosts and saving them for just before the kraken gets you. Quickly zooming around objects in the water can also cause the kraken to run into something. And keep your eyes peeled for the dog, Rescuing him can really extend how far you can go.

We also support two other modes as well, which you can access from the Menu in the top-right corner. Thanks for playing!