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Could you see this weird corner when switching workspaces with Precision touchpad? It started happening with Windows 10 20H2 and only happens when using Microsoft Edge.


The version is: 88.0.705.63


The Feedback Hub link is: https://aka.ms/AAasykk


Thanks in advance.

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I watched your video and picture, also used vertical tabs on the same Edge stable as you, but couldn't reproduce the issue.

though I'm using a higher Windows version (insider build) but I don't think it's the case.


Have you tried disabling all of your extension, Restart Edge, and try again?



Hi @HotCakeX,
Thanks for guide me.
I tried all of the extensions off, but it is still happening. Note that if I use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate between the virtual desktops, it is not reproducible. Perhaps the Windows version really matters?
You're welcome.
Oh, I used keyboard shortcuts,

one more thing you can do is to send feedback from Edge
by pressing (...) menu button => help and feedback => send feedback
and click on attachments and navigate to "recreate my problem" and press start recording,
that should send all the necessary data related to this problem to the developers :)
I already sent loooooooong before, that's why I have written there :\ But, I will also send the related feedback again. Thanks!
Same issue here, is able to reproduce