About "Icon only" in favorite bar

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Is a great idea, but is possible add a option for change to:


+Convert all favorite to Icons selection (not only one to one)

+Pass from the icon for read the name of link (easy for find in this mode)



+Color scheme when visit a page (example, microsoft tab change to blue, youtube change to red)

+More icons for secured site (a green color), not secured (red color), malicious scripts (yellow color) 

+And smart adblocking for sites with dangerous scripts 




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These are interesting suggestions.  I can see the utility in them.  I think in the case of pages with malicious scripts or that are suspected of them, there is already a red motif in place.


Are you seeing any changes yourself?



Yeah I felt the need for a "show all bookmarks as Icons only" button too. I got +100 bookmakrs and right clicking on each of them one by one and selecting "show icon only" is very painful process, specially if i decide to revert it back.
Almost all of these are now added to Edge canary :)