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About open the favourite
I'd like to add a feature that allows you to open favorites in a new tab with a single left mouse button, instead of covering the current using page. Here are some reasons.
First of all, when you click, the left mouse button is more comfortable and easier to press than the middle mouse button. Second, whether it is the middle mouse button or CTRL+ pressing left mouse button to open the favorites, the page will open in the background without jumping to a new page. Of course, pressing Ctrl + Shift + left mouse button at the same time can achieve the desired effect, but it is very troublesome. It is not as convenient as clicking the left mouse button to open the favorite. Finally, I also hope that developers can see my suggestion and open a separate post for users to discuss the practicability of this function. Thank you very much.

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left mouse is not easier to press than middle mouse, they are the same, just buttons for me.
right-click and open favorite. right-click is something you can't skip, a lot of programs and a lot of tasks in Windows require you to use right-click menu, so it's pretty normal to use it to open favorites too.
CTRL + left click, this is for when your mouse doesn't have middle mouse button or just prefer to use keyboard.

First of all, it is undeniable that the left mouse button is certainly more comfortable than the middle mouse button, especially in some game mice, the middle button is very stiff, after all, the left mouse button is used more. Secondly, I admit that the right mouse button is used a lot, but the right button is a little more troublesome than the direct left button. Also, Ctrl + left does not jump immediately to an open bookmark. Many chrome based browsers, such as Centbrowser, Kinza, 360 browser, Vivaldi, QQ browser, etc., provide users with the option to open bookmarks directly on the new page with the left mouse button. This function can be investigated by the government, just like double clicking the close tab, for users to discuss. Anyway, thank you for your reply.


Use this extension, does exactly what you want




left mouse button is more comfortable and more used than middle mouse because it's designed that way, it's the primary button, middle mouse button is the tertiary button, that doesn't make it hard to use.
left mouse button is the secondary button, it provides important options throughout OS and programs, it should be used for opening favorites too.
holding CTRL + left doesn't switch to new tab, thank god it doesn't, that would be annoying. but if you want it to switch, use the extension i mentioned above.


there are a lot of unpopular browsers that are not important. Edge supports Chromium extensions, use them. not every rare option needs to be built into the browser.