About Favorites and Favorites Manager

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There are two new versions of Edge on my computer, an official version of 86 kernel and a Beta version of 87 kernel. Not long ago I discovered that the beta of the 87 kernel will expand downwards like the old version when you click on the favorites, instead of the previous version; and click on the three dots in the upper right corner, select favorites-manage favorites, and the result is also Expanded down interface instead of the previous manager. I would like to ask, is it necessary to cancel the manager in the future?

Regarding the shortcut button for opening the favorites, I like the downward expansion like the old version or the 87 version of the beta. I don’t like the left or right expansion of the current official version. I like this change very much. I can quickly see the overall situation; Favorites Manager I used to be very convenient, convenient and fast to move, and I am used to this. Some bookmark managers are similar to chrome. Does Microsoft temporarily hide or cancel the favorites manager? I hope these two can be retained.

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@4111314 I don't think so.