About 'addon_site_log_capture.log' and 'Edge Add-Ons Site Diagnostics'

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@ MS Edge Feedback Team 3,


I'm sorry about trying to address you directly with this topic from here, :flushed: but it's only because you confirmed me receiving 2nd feedback I created about being unable to install 'Clipboard History Pro' specific Edge Extension(Add-on) from Edge Add-ons BETA (MS store) (and also because I found no other instructions around about avoiding to try to do so from here...).


Because I've found 'addon_site_log_capture.log' inside C:\Users\<myalias>\AppData\Local\Temp and because I know with my feedback you already collected 'Edge Add-Ons Site Diagnostics' I'd basically like to know if that one I found corresponds to the one you already collected.


Otherwise I'll obviously be very happy to send same file I found to you (unless you might prefer to give me other instructions to follow to provide it to you... :happyface: )



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This quick update just to make others possibly interested also aware of current last status regarding 'Clipboard History Pro' extension.
Difficulties found that prevented to install it ended only on 9/13, so after my Edge was upgraded to v93.0.961.44 (it was v93.0.961.38 before then, and JFYI any date I'm logging into this post is only derived from same extension own folder dates).

P.S. I'm not really using this extension very much, but if still interested to know anyway I received its last version 3.13.0 update on 9/18 and today its Clipboard collection history capabilities seemed me very impressive since after last days of usage only (so probably 10 after my client unexpected last reboot unless same number origin was 1st install ever... :-s) it has already reached 4973 items (but to also avoid too much own delays depending from tracking all those entries it, today it has even suggested me to manually enable an additional internal filter to just limit/reduce clipboard history to last 150 entries only plus favorites, so just most frequent used ones I guess...)