Ability to move tabs between browsers

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Google has added this flag called

Mix browser type tabs

Allows tabs to be dragged between any browsers that support tabs, including apps – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS


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essentially allows users to drag and drop tabs from any browser that supports tabs.

this flag has been in the Canary channel of Google chrome for More than 17 days now, so it's safe to assume it's going to make its way to their stable channel eventually.

I wanna know whether Microsoft is planning to add support for it or at least considering it.

what I think is that for me it'll be useful and Interesting, unlocks many capabilities.

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@HotCakeX Wow, what magic is this?!! That seems like a lot of coding work for limited utility.


What's the scenario where you have things open in different browsers (that's already pretty rare) that then requires you to drag the tab into another browser? The single thing I can think of is that you can then save that tab set as a favorites group, but that seems pretty niche. Any other scenarios?

There must be good reasons why they spent the time to implement it.