A few suggestions for the PIP video player (and a tutorial on how to use it)

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So I have had some time to use the PIP function in the new Edge and wanted to say what I think is good about it and what isn't.Using PIP to watch TechLinked while browsing TwitterUsing PIP to watch TechLinked while browsing Twitter


The way it currently works is fast and efficient. The icon in the top tab which is running the video is a good indication of the source. Retaining the aspect ratio and allowing for it to be made very big is a nice touch, something which myTube doesn't do.

I do have some critique. It's rather inconvenient that you have to right click the video twice to get the content menu up. You could fix this by adding and Picture in Picture toggle to "..." context menu or the context menu created when you right click the Tab header. It currently runs the video in a separate windows which is nice for using it with other applications but means the drop shadow looks bad and doesn't match the one for the rest of the browser. It might be worth looking into ditching the PIP support for Windows and building your own into the browser. This would make more sense for when Edge launches to other OSs.


How to use PIP:

Make sure Edge is up to date by going to the "About Microsoft Edge" page in the setting and pressing Ctrl + r to refresh. This will work on both the Canary and Dev branch.

Find a YouTube video you want to test it out on. 

Start playing the video and right click the centre of the video twice to get an Edge context menu to appear. 

Select the Picture in Picture mode and enjoy.

You can rescale it, reposition it, close it and return it to the webpage.unknown.png





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@Cameron_Bush Thanks for the great suggestions. I have logged an internal feature request to track this.