A different default search engine for InPrivate browsing

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The new Microsoft Edge has the chance to shake the Chromium ecosystem and bring new features to the table.


One great idea that people would love, is the possibility to set a different search engine as the default for InPrivate, like Duckduckgo, or Qwant, or Bing, in a version that does not do any user tracking.


This idea is already implemented in Vivaldi, and I love using it.

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This is an interesting idea, @Ciprian Rusen. I will let the search team know about it.

I want this too!


even though Bing has an InPrivate mode




but it still would be useful to be able to set different engines for InPrivate mode.


for example I can do my Google searches that I might sometimes need in InPrivate mode (because of the tracking and data mining) and use Bing as my normal search engine.