89.0.772.0 Canary Build Completely Break Download Behavior

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I updated to Version 89.0.772.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) and now downloading no longer works at all.  I have 'Ask me what to do with each download' enabled in Settings and now when I try to download a file a mini-dialog box opens in the address bar to ask me the Open/Save-As question.  The problem is that the mini-dialog locks up tight as a drum not allowing me to select anything.  Is there a setting to return to the previous behavior of doing all this in the status bar? Help!

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@DLBergerAs of now, the latest version is 89.0.773.0. It should be fixed now.

@Kam - It does appear to correct the problem, but the toolbar icon is incorrect as someone else noted.

Thank you for correcting it so quickly.  Fast turnaround - the programmer's delight.

could you attach a screenshot of that icon that is incorrect?

btw just a quick note, Edge developers and Microsoft employees in general, that do all this, have a blue circle around their profile pictures and blue color on their profile page.

Still completely broken in 89.0.773.0 for me. Dialog opens but all targets are dead.

@HotCakeX Photo 1 has the list of activities.  The Downloads icon is the arrow pointing down with a line under it.  Photo 2 has the "Downloads" icon on the toolbar - notice that it is the History icon NOT the Downloads icon.


can't do much here, developers receive feedback and data from users using the feedback button on Edge or the online form


that's what they always say

@Mike Nichols I noticed the same this morning.  Perhaps yesterday I was just lucky.  Bummer.

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@DLBerger Looks like 90.0.778.0 has corrected all the problems.