82.0.432.3 just "killed" Windows sync settings

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Since I have had this issue, I thought it would be important to make a thread about it incase anyone else ends up having the same issue.
What happened?
After I was updated to the latest version, a clicked the restart button as usual, and as per usual, the browser restarted, After the restart, the browser was still showing in the about section, that the browser needed to restart to update, naturally, I clicked the button and it restarted as per usual, and then the above happened again. 
I thought nothing of it as I shut down my laptop and went to bed, next thing... I wake up and turn the machine on...
First thing that happened, was a note from Windows, it was letting me know that a app has caused a error of some sorts, and therefore we can't load your profile. As I explore the results of this incident, I see that all my non-app store apps have all been uninstalled, my synced settings have been reset and
everything looks like it would be after a new installation. 
Needless to say, I am the fool who didn't back up my passwords!

That's everything I can think off, but feel free to ask me more questions if theres anything I can help with.

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What is your Windows 10 OS build number?
what AV are you using?

I sometimes get the restart loop in Edge canary too but after few mins it gets fixed on its own.
it never uninstalled other programs.

your Windows event viewer has more info about what happened.

@HotCakeXI'm using the latest insider preview.

A update on this situation... it deleted a few of my .exe files, but not all of them.

I went to re-install a few apps again, and once I installed Edge Canary, it crashed. The screen was literally black, no response to anything from clicking the toutchpad, typing the keyboard or opening and closing the laptop.
It's now converted my usual profile into a temporary one, so I can't delete any apps, can't install any new ones, so I'm going to create a new user using my current details and see if that works,

I'm also on Windows insider fast ring btw.

I think you should scan your computer with a good AV like Kaspersky to be sure that there is no malware in your computer, because that behavior is suspicious. use the free security cloud, update it and do a full scan at maximum level.

@HotCakeXI don't have any viruses/trojans/adware/malware/spyware/ransomware/worms/Bonzi Buddy installed, and it wasn't just a random occurrence, i.e., it happened with no warning messages or anything, a actual message came up from Windows as part of Windows 10 and said that a app is interfering with the computer booting up,  I don't know or have the exact message or but that was the gist of it, and every other app that I had installed from outside the Mirosoft Store had already been installed and was running fine even after several reboots before, only when Edge Canary was installed did this happen. 

I decided to write a new message to make things clearer about how I sort of fixed the problem...
Anyway, I did eventually resolve the problem, but to just be 100% sure, I decided to re-install Windows as I have plenty/too much spare time anyway....
OK so here's what  I did and here's what happened...
I went to create a new account on the same laptop, using the same credentials, I thought that this wouldn't work seeing as it says I'm already logged on, albeit a temporary profile. The funny thing is, that sure, it was a temporary account, I couldn't delete any apps or anything like that, I still had a few of my programs installed on it, so it was more of a temporary log on, even though this log on always showed up in the login screen anyway.
Eventually, I created the profile, logged in, and it managed to either delete my temporary profile, or convert it into a full one. That I don't know, but I was left with one account overall, not 2, and it restored my permissions and stuff and remained unchanged. 

did you create your 2 accounts after or before reinstalling Windows 10?

After., for sure.

Very well, that's good to know you got it fixed