5.9 - No Announcement? Where's Gorden?

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What progress has been made?
What features introduced?
What broken things fixed?
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I saw somewhere a few days ago it was released, but I didn't receive it as of yet...

@Lroyny1  @RG_Durishin  yeah was announced last Friday in the ONMSFT email - https://www.onmsft.com/news/microsoft-launcher-5-9-beta-now-rolling-out-with-improved-calendar-icon


Still nothing and no updates on here.

Thanks @Chris Childerhose,


I didn't know about that site. I usually follow WindowsPowerUser.com.

@RG_Durishin  I read a similar announcement on mspoweruser.com but still haven't received 5.9 either. Maybe it was pulled due to an issue.


I sure wish there was more engagement and proactive communication on this site from MS.

@weizhong_xue  any updates on this? 

Bing beta was the same I remember. Great start with feedback and replies, but slowly but surely it tricked to a halt, and now there is nothing just whatever update happens with no feedback about what's new ect. It's the same situation happening here now, so I wouldn't be surprised if I were you if they reply or not. Also, I can't remember a post from Gordon in God knows how long....

@Lroyny1 , 


Gorden posted when 5.8 was released to us in beta. That's been some time ago. :(

Still not available in the netherlands. Any updates on the deployment plan for this version@RG_Durishin