2 Bugs: Since Windows 7 and least Outlook 2013, and STILL an issue in Win11 AND Outlook 365-current

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Two annoyances really, but STILL a legit bug known to me, all the same.

With maybe 1.5 BILLION Windows machines in use, I'm the only one that noticed these issues?:
1) This has been an issues since Outlook 2013 at least, maybe even Outlook 2010, or before, still present in Outlook with Office 365-current:


Double click Deleted Items to expand the underlying folder, when none exists, and the annoying arrow goes away:



2) On every work and home machine I have ever used, since Win7, and up to current Win11-current, in the CLI of cmd.exe/command.exe, running as Administrator, commands that update, or parse data like "sfc /scannow" will just stop, like you pressed CTL-S, when you clearly didn't. A CTL-Q (or a couple of them) continues the progress:


This doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough to make me notice it's an issue.

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Regarding the second one, did you accidentally left-clicked the mouse cursor in the cmd window?
because that will halt the progress, until you clear the click (with any keyboard key or right-click)