10 foot interface TV browser

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What about a version of Edge optimized for mini PCs which are plugged in to TV screens? Amazon's Fire TV stick has Silk browser for example. I can't understand why Windows misses out in this area.


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mini PCs, aka PCs with low end hardware, if still run supported operation systems and meet hardware requirement, Edge should work on them. the user interface will scale up and down.
other than that, if a TV is running Android, it has Google play and Edge is on Google play.
Well, Android TVs have Google Play, but the version of Google Play present is different, and the selection of apps is very limited. Not even a single Microsoft App is present on Google Play for Android TV.

@HotCakeX It is one thing to say that a browser may run on a certain OS but that does not mean that it is optimized for TV view. If you have a fire tv stick plugged into your TV, as far as I know, silk, firefox and puffin tv have optimized browsers. I do have a mini pc plugged into my PC (sumvision cyclone mini pc) but the 10 foot experience is not as good as the fire tv.

The UI should scale up/down, that's how Windows 10 handles different screen sizes and resolutions, I've tried it myself on big screens by connecting my computer case to TV using HDMI cables and Edge's UI also scale up because Windows 10 has built in scaling settings.

mini PC or normal PC, doesn't matter, you are just talking about the hardware in them being weaker. they don't run a magical version of Windows 10, it's the same Windows 10, whether home or Pro and they both have scaling option.

so even though I've not used kindle fire sticks, but I know how Windows 10 works on different screen sizes, and that's what matters, not the underlying hardware.

p.s that hardware you mentioned looks like to only have Windows 8.1.