Digital Skills Toolkit

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Did you know there’s an online resource that helps you find digital skills training and resources, and learn skills for in-demand jobs, including curriculum and training materials for educators and organizations?


It's called the Digital Skills Toolkit, and it offers resources for in-demand skills as well as resources for nonprofits, such as a training hub, Nonprofit Tech Accelerator (NTA), and more!


Learn more here:


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We’re launching a Digital Academy to build fluency in our org, this will be really helpful!
It will be helpful to gain access to this toolkit. How can I access this?
That's great to know
Today we are launching the new - bringing all our free resources around AI, Sustainability and Cyberskilling into one place.
This is super helpful, thank you for sharing! I’ll share with our team at the National Digital Inclusion Alliance.
It was great seeing you at the conference thanks for the help
Absolutely! Happy to help. :)

@Diwura_Oladepo if you click the link in the post, it should take you directly to the resource.