Check out our new Digital Skills Resource Hub!



As we kick off our Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit this week, we wanted to share a new resource we will showcase at our breakout session “Leveling up on AI Skills”. Microsoft has launched a Digital Skills Resource Hub with free skills training content, resources, curriculum and insights to help you and your organization thrive in the new age of AI. Whether you’re interested in learning the latest on AI, cybersecurity, sustainability or in developing your foundational digital literacy and productivity skills, you’ll find training materials to support nonprofits, educators and community organizations all in one place, including our newly released AI Trainer Toolkit available in multiple languages. 


Explore the Digital Skills Resource Hub and learn how you and your community can harness the power of AI.  


 Together, we can expand economic opportunity and growth for all.  



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Looking forward to this session. This is important work that we are doing/need to do to continue to build up our workforce no matter what industry one is in!
Thank you for sharing this resourceful hub. It will surely help to accelerate the Digital Literacy in countries around the globe.
This is quite fascinating and excited to be here
The toolkit looks promising, looking forward to getting it in the hands of our trainer!
Thank you! Definitely going to check it out.
Excited for our HBCU Interns to explore Copilot
Great stuff
Thanks so much for sharing this, awesome!
This is a brilliant resource. Really looking forward to really getting into it.
stellar resource - thank you!
A great resource hub -- thanks Anu!
Hello. Really useful content to give a high level context to some of the conversations we're having.

I have a question though. When I click on the AI toolkit, the first page is blank and I can't see any links to the English content.

@Enrico2024 I'm sorry you had difficulty accessing the AI Trainer Toolkit. The link appears to be working now. Please message me directly if it isn't working and I am happy to help with troubleshooting.



Hi Courtney,

Found the issue. If you just click on the link in Edge it opens a new window where the first page is blank and the second page is visible. It seems Edge, at least my version, isn't rendering the PDF properly.

Right-clicking on the link, saving the PDF and opening then it in Acrobat Reader works.

Many thanks,