How the management team at MS integrates with engineering
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The MEM @ Microsoft team manages the Intune and Configuration Manager environments at Microsoft. Our service/development engineers combine various components to help automate maintenance of the Intune and Configuration Manager environments (more details about that here). Our work covers various areas besides just maintaining these environments inside of Microsoft. We are part of the Intune engineering organization and so we work together with the product engineers to help build a better management experience for customers (including ourselves). This involves validation of new features before they reach external customers, providing feedback to engineering throughout the design and initial release phases, and sometimes collaborating with the engineering team to develop new features in the Intune product. Another goal we have is to improve the customer experience by providing feedback to Intune engineering teams regarding customer frustrations and to help drive improvements into the product or provide guidance to customers regarding ways to improve your Intune admin experience.  

Providing customer guidance: 

One of the ways we are working on providing additional guidance is through automation examples uploaded to our open-source GitHub repository. We use automation to reduce maintenance costs of the Intune and Configuration Manager environments and sometimes implement temporary solutions for Intune features that may not be added to the product soon. The repository only has a couple of examples uploaded at this time (QC, Autoscaling VMs, Autopilot deregistration) but we have more automation we could potentially provide examples of, for instance: 

  • Intune - Create, deploy, and deletion of policies. 
  • Intune - Create, deploy, and deletion of applications. 
  • Intune - Retire or wipe of devices. 
  • Intune - Assignment cleanup. 
  • Config Manager - Collect device logs. 
  • Config Manager - Perform collection cleanup. 
  • Config Manager - Perform inbox cleanup. 
  • Config Manager - Health status of the ConfigMgr hierarchy including inbox backlogs, collection evaluation, and audit logs. 
  • Client health telemetry – CM client (SMS agent) installation status, setup failures, and whether service is running or not. 


Please let us know by commenting below if there is interest in anything in the list above, or if there is some other area not listed where we could improve the Intune admin experience. Your feedback can help us prioritize what automation script examples we should build and share. As we add more to the GitHub repo, and hear more feedback from customers, we will also continue to provide that feedback to Intune engineering regarding the areas of customer interest and collaborate with them to build more capabilities into the Intune product. Thank you! 

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