Webcast: Microsoft Graph monthly call next Tuesday, September 4th at 8:00AM PDT

Dana Wikan

Pre-Call Twitter Image Graph_September 2018.jpg


Agenda includes:

  • Jeremy Thake - Microsoft Graph Updates
  • Nick Kramer - Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Teams - Learn about the Graph APIs for Microsoft Teams, including provisioning, automating Team lifecycles, access to messages, and voice & video calling.
  • John Liu - You need a Custom Connector for Microsoft Graph $Batch When creating a custom connection to be used in Flow, PowerApps, PowerBI or LogicApps, we always need to do so much work defining each API endpoint. This is a shortcut. Create an all-purpose Custom Connection for $Batch – and we will never have to write another Swagger file ever again! The One Swagger File to the One API.
  • Q&A

Download the calendar invite at https://aka.ms/microsoftgraphcall