Service Communications API Unavailable


I didn't know where else to post this, so I thought the developer group might work. I'm seeing issues reaching the Service Communications API - is anyone aware of an issue with this?



I maintain a PowerShell module that retrieves information from this API, and others are reporting the same issue. Thanks!

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Are you using the old or the new Communications API?
The old one.
I'm getting a "endpoint" not found what can be a confirmation that the endpoint to the old communications API has been removed (don't recall now if Microsoft did an announcement about doing this)....what means you have to use the new Managament API:

I'm afraid you're probably right, but there is nothing out there yet about the original API's deprecation. It was announced a few years ago that it would be replaced, and any new applications should use the newer API, but there has never been an official announcement of its demise.


This happened a couple of years ago and when I brought up the issue it was discovered that a DNS cname record had been removed for this endpoint. That was restored and the issue was fixed. I was hoping that this is the same thing. I have planned a v2 version of my PowerShell module that uses the new API for the past year, but haven't been able to revisit this project.