Seeking a very basic MS Outlook we add-in demo


I am gatting absolutely nowhere and my problems change with everything I try.

Rather than repeatedly ask basic questions here, I will ask if anyone knows of an extremely basic Outllook web add-in that I can use.


I am looking for something which I can drop an existing Angular app into, and would prefer whatever you can recommend to have little or no fnctionality for me to remove.


My app will be used only when compising new mail, not when reading.


I am looking for something where I just have to copy a direcotry and change the URL in the manifest, perhaps in the code.  I don't want to have to use NPM or other isntallers, just copy the directory.


Does anyoen know of soemthing extremely basic? Maybe just a button on the compose dialog, which launches my app when pushed and the Angualr controller does alert("Hello wolrd"); ? Something of that order.

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