Reminder on developer community calls the rest of this week, January 9-10


January 9th

8:00am PST Office Add-ins 

Agenda: Overview, what's new with Outlook  and Excel JavaScript APIs and customer demo


January 10th

7:00am PST  SharePoint general dev biweekly SIG,

Agenda: general news and announcements, what’s been happening in the community and related demos.


9:00am PST  Adaptive Cards, monthly,

Agenda: Team introductions, renderer updates, designer component update and demo, 1.2 plan and timeline


9:00am PST  Microsoft Identity biweekly office hours

Agenda: Benefits of the Microsoft Identity Platform for ISV developers 


All of the calls will be recorded and blog summaries posted, in case you are unable to attend. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @OfficeDev if you are not already.

Pre-Call Twitter Office Addins_January 2019.jpg


Pre-Twitter Adaptive Cards_January 2019.jpg


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