Office Developer Tenant - No answer to requests

Christian Heitkamp
New Contributor



I requested a extension of my developer tenant ( emailing to - but there is not answer except:


"Thank you so much for your interest in the Office Developer Program and developing for Office and Office 365 extensibility scenarios. Unfortunately, we have encountered a bug with our current promotion codes for the developer tenants we have provided to you. We are working to get new codes for you to set up a trial subscription which we anticipate will be late next week. As soon as we have them in hand, we will send one out to you with guidance on setting these up."


This makes my live close to impossible to develop for O365 - anybody with the same issues? Remediation suggestion, contact suggestion? Every help appreachited!!




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Thank you for your inquiry. We will be contacting all of those who have sent us an email by the end of this week with subscription information to the email address. 

Thanks and Kudos to the O365Dev Team. As promised I was contacted and the case resolved. Just keep in mind that those codes cannot be used to upgrade existing trials.