Migrate web application to O365 - possible in SharePoint but what about my database?

Mike Jansen
Regular Contributor

I have this "old" web application (classic ASP and SQL Server). I want to migrate it to the cloud. I think the most obious approach would be to migrate to Azure (web application an SQL server). 


As our customers are already using O365 (business pro) I try to find a solution without using azure. Will be more cost effective and (in our case) more user friendly. Most of the UI could be build in SharePoint but the SQL part wil give me some trouble. Just using SharePoint lists will not work I guess.


Does someone have some experience with a project like this? 

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If the application is relatively simple you could use SQL in Azure with BDC connections or some to be developed api/services.


But as you don't want to use Azure you will have to consider where you would like to store your data then? If SharePoint online isn't an options either... 


Just a thought, would PowerApps and the Common Data Services work?


Thanks again @Pieter Veenstra. I will dive into the Powerapps option. See if that works for me.

You are welcome. Let me know how you get on.
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