List users who have currently setup out of office including start date and end date

Hi All,
Just wondering if it's possible to list users who have setup out of office .
Is the any API I can use? e.g
microsof Graph API or does exchange online have an API?
Looked at ms graph didn't see anything that I can use.
I came across using
Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration with PowerShell :thinking_face: but no sure if I can automate it as I want it displayed in SharePoint
Any help would be appreciated
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You could run a powershell that runs the following:

Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration

And then use PnP PowerShell to create a list item in SharePoint.


Or if you want an API:




Thanks so much for the reply.
With API option will i be able to use EWS with Exchange online?