Inherit Navigation for modern Team Sites to Subsites

Christian Moser
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we are building up an intranet solution based on "modern team sites" using SharePoint online (first release).

We created a SiteCollection and set up some "modern" pages. Within those pages you see a different navigation than for classic pages within the site.


If we create subsites we want to inherit the "modern" navigation items to the subsites or use managed navigation. But neither of those settings is affecting the modern pages within the subsites.


--> How can we manage the navigation for modern sites/subsites from one place?




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I think navigation consistency is something that is still not fully ready in modern team sites. Adding some folks for confirmation: @Lincoln DeMaris @Dan Holme @Chris McNulty

Hi Juan,


thanks. If the consistency is not given - is there an API to script the navigation (PowerShell, CSOM)?

Where is the modern navigation stored in SharePoint? I can rarly find any documantation...




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