How to increase MaxKeywordQueryTextLength to more than 4096 characters in SharePoint Online?

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I have a situation where I send a search query to get the titles of lists and document libraries using listID property. ListIDs are dynamically added which retrieved from another search. The issue is, when the listIDs go more than 77, i.e exceed the QueryText max length, search yield no results. 
I know we can increase the MaxKeywordQueryTextLength in On Premises SharePoint, but couldn't find a way to do it in SharePoint Online.

If this is possible, please share with me how to do it. Otherwise I have to go with my alternative as grouping ListIDs into a set contain 75 IDs each and send seperate search requsts each, then combine the results. 

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After doing some research I found that 4096 characters is a hard bountry in SharePoint Online and cannot be increased. Ref: Search Limits for SharePoint Online 


So, I have to split, send multiple search for each set and combine the results finally.