How to get the site collection List using REST or CSOM?

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Hi all,


we would like to get a list of all site collections using REST or CSOM with JavaScript. We used the REST call /_api/search/query? querytext=' contentclass: sts_site' &trimduplicates=false&selectproperties=' Title, SPWebUrl, WebTemplate, Description'", but not all site collections are returned.

Specially created site collections will not be returned. But even some of the site collections that have been created for a long time are not listed.

The call is done from a script in an Azure Web App. 


the current user is site collection administrator in all site collections.


Is there a reason for this?

And how can we solve this?




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What url are you using in front of your api? are you using or?


I use because the user should not have access to the administration.