Deploy a JS File into each SharePoint online page (includes list and library’s)

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I need to deploy a JavaScript file into each SharePoint page (old framework, new SPFx framework, old and modern library and list views, …).

How I can do this?

Thanks for your help




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old framework i would use JSlink. New framework it will depend as it is still not in GA

Agree with @Deleted, the team has not clarified yet how customization in modern pages using JavaScript techniques is going to be enabled. @Lincoln DeMaris published recently a thread where he was explaining their ideas and also things they are working on in regards of customization (the thread was more focused on custimizing doc. libraries and lists)


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Microsoft Stream にて動画をトリミングした際、動画を復元できるようにしたい

Option to undo trimming of videos on Streams



​​​​​​​Microsoft Stream にて動画をトリミングすると、トリミングされた部分は完全に消去される動作となり、復元ができない。​

If one trims videos on Stream, the part that was trimmed off is completely deleted and cannot be restored.

Please add an option to restore the video after trimming.


Yes please do something in it.I am not able to get my original recording video after trimmed the wrong part:loudly_crying_face:


Please provide provision for restoring accidentally removed trimmed video from  actual video..

Some times we may forget to download. If we do trim , without downloading video from stream accidentally the required part may lost. So if you provide the restoration of original video, it is really helpful..Thank you