Creating an Outlook web add-in with Visual Studio

Graham Keellings

I have just watched this video, where Microsoft's Richard diZerega is showing how to create a new  Outlook web add-in with Visual Studio.


His version of VS shows this, whne he selects Project/New:


developing mail add-ins.jpg


but my VS 2107 Enterprise shows this


my VS new project options.jpg


The difference being that he has various options for Task pane/Content/Mail and Email/Appointment Read/Compose.


The projects which I generate read email, whereas I want to add a task pane to the mail compose dialog.


I could edit the manifest, indeed that is currently my only option, but it would be so much easier if I could check a few boxes and generate a manifest.


(How) can I have the dialog which he has? It it dependant on the version of VS, or its it a VS add-in?

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