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Term discussion workload



 Oct 04 2018
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I would like to probe into your opinion on the term "workload" and its translation in German.


Traditionally, "workload" is translated as "Arbeitslast" or "Arbeitsauslastung".


Some examples from the German Office Software:

1. Project: O365 Admin

ENG: Click to find more admin tools and workload entries.

GER: Klicken Sie hier, um weitere Verwaltungstools und Arbeitsauslastungseinträge zu finden.


2. Project: Dev/Compliance

ENG: Select all workloads

GER: Alle Arbeitslasten auswählen


3. Dev/data

ENG: Workload Manager delay cache is full.

GER: Der Verzögerungscache des Arbeitsauslastungs-Managers ist voll.


Personally, I never liked either of these translations because they're usually pretty awkward in a sentence and scream "translation".

Now, a new definition of "workload" has been added in Term Studio:


"A property of a security policy that indicates which Office 365 service the policy applies to."


And I can't bring myself to use any of the two traditional German terms. Neither of them seems to be fit the bill.


Instead I would love to take the opportunity and change all "Arbeitsauslastungen" and "Arbeitslasten" in Office to "Workloads". The term is more than common in German as well, we would avoid stiff and awkward sentences and reduce the danger of mistranslation/misinterpretation (especially if there is next to no context during localisation).


Very curious to see whether you agree with me on this one. Thanks a lot for your feedback!


The discussion will be closed in 2 weeks, when we will announce the final translation.



Hi Janna,

personally, I find this word difficult to translate, as afaik German has multiple and more specific words for workload. But if I search online for the use of Workload in German, I find a lot of use in technical scenarios. So, I think, that it would be ok to use the English word and not translate it.





Thanks very much for the feedback, Mourad. Let's wait a few more days to see wether someone else would like to share his/her opinion before we proceed.

Best, Janna

Status changed to: Under review


Term “workload” has been open for discussion for 2 weeks now. It is now time to close the discussion. We will stick with our original suggestion to use the term "Workload" consistently in German in Office from now on. Thank you for your feedback!

Status changed to: Completed