SharePoint News Digest in German only half translated

SharePoint News Digest in German only half translated



 Jun 22 2018
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Just noticed that the news digest (custom newsletter) tool is finally available in our tenant, but the German translation is rather poor. Basically the word "digest" wasn't translated at all.

Please don't use an automated translation for this, as this would lead something about food "digestions" instead of "newsletter". Maybe something like "news collection" as in "Neuigkeiten Sammlung".

This is definitely something that has to be reviewed manually.




Hi @Ivan Unger

Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us!

We will have our SharePoint Loc PM take a look and come back to you.

Have a great weekend!




Hi @Ivan Unger

So our German Moderator investigated this. While it may look like it was machine translated she tells me it definitely was not. The term "Digest" in German is part of the approved terminology for Office and other Microsoft products. The term is a loan word from the English and is used in German with the same meaning. She agrees with you that put together with "Neuigkeiten" that the term looks rather odd so she changed the string to "Digest per E-Mail senden" to keep in line with approved terminology and its context here. We hope this is to your liking and would like to thank you for your suggestion! Have a good week! Staff
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