SharePoint/Flow "Sign Off" document in German translates to "log off"

SharePoint/Flow "Sign Off" document in German translates to "log off"



 May 02 2018
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The Flow Button "Sign Off Document" in SharePoint/OneDrive is translated to "request log off". 

It should probably be better translated to "Genehmigung anfordern" or "Unterschrift anfordern".


Thanks for the suggestion @Ivan Unger. Our German Moderator will take a look and we will come back to you in our Report Translation Issues Dashboard.


Hi @Ivan Unger, So our German moderator agrees with you. She is changing it to "Unterschrift anfordern". The change will be visible to German SharePoint Online customers in a few weeks. She prefers that suggestion as the Developer instructions clearly state that "sign-off" should not be translated with something like "approval" because of a possible conflict when they are shown shown next to each other. Thanks for reporting it! Staff 

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Awesome. Thank you ;)
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Hi @Stafford Quaid,


Sorry, but I have to pick up a related issue to this change :)

The communicated change has been done, great - much better.

I've reused this flow again and have noticed that the added SharePoint Column still has the old name in it :( Unfortunately I haven't checked this before posting my original comment.

Any chance to get this changed as well?



Also, the email that is sent to the person to sign off does not use the approved terminology, but instead uses "Approval". 



Hi @Ivan Unger Please leave it with us. I will follow up with our SharePoint Localisation PM to investigate and we will come back to you. Thanks for the suggestions! Staff 

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Status changed to: Working on it
Status changed to: Completed

Hi @Ivan Unger 

Just to let you know you should see most of what you suggested implemented by now. We think the outstanding one might be approvals and approve (your last screenshot) which are localised resources we do not own. We have followed up with the team that do to see if they can change it. Regards, Staff