Opposite statement in a translation of a tooltip in German (Excel) & more

Opposite statement in a translation of a tooltip in German (Excel) & more



 Jan 09 2018
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Hi there,


I noticed that a translation to German in a tooltip is exactly the opposite of what the original English text says ;)


For reproducing, please insert an autoform or picture into Excel and open the format task pane. Then select the properties as shown below.




In German, the translation should be ... solange das Blatt ungeschützt ist ... or ... solange das Blatt nicht geschützt ist ...


As a question, is the English text To help protect the sheet ... correct? Shouldn't it be To protect the sheet ...?


Additionally, the Protect sheet feature of Excel (2010 and higher) is not on the home tab, but best accessible on the Review tab. Therefore, I suggest to change the text in English accordingly. And in German, the translation would then be ... wählen Sie auf der Registerkarte 'Überprüfen' die Option ...


Note: the same texts are also present in Excel 2010, I guess in Excel 2013 too.








Hi @Deleted , Happy New Year! Thanks for reporting this. We will have our German Moderator investigate and come back to you in our Report Translation Issues Power BI Dashboard. Regards, Stafford 

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Hi Stafford,


thanks, happy new year too :) PS: may be the issue regarding the opposite statement is already in your database, as my MVP friend @Raphael Köllner told me, he also reported it some time ago.







Thanks @Deleted . I could not find it in our bug Database but it we are specific to localisation and it might be hiding in some other one. We will get it addressed. Thanks! Stafford

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