Inconsistent use of "Piktogramme" and "Symbol" in PowerPoint 2016 (German)

Inconsistent use of "Piktogramme" and "Symbol" in PowerPoint 2016 (German)
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I found a new translation issue in the German version of PowerPoint 2016 (Windows):
The German translation of “Icon” (on the Insert tab) was recently changed from “Symbole” to “Piktogramme” (which I appreciate a lot).
But once an icon has been inserted, we are able to change it using the contextual tab Graphics Tools. On the very left of this Ribbon is the button “Change Graphic” (“Grafik ändern” in German) and one of the four options there is “From Icons”. At this place, “Icons” is still translated as “Symbole”, but should say “Aus Piktogrammen” in the German version to be consistent. The ScreenTip has to be changed as well, naturally.
Please see my screenshot: The upper half, showing “Insert – Icon” = “Einfügen – Piktogramme” is correct, in the lower half the two wrong (old) translations have been marked in yellow, it should say “Aus Piktogrammen” in both places.
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Hi @Ute Simon,

Thanks for sending this to us and for the detailed repro steps. It is much appreciated!,.We will investigate and get back to you here.




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Hi @Ute Simon

As you may have seen this should be fixed now. 

Thanks for reporting it!



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