Excel function arguments for ISPMT in German and its corresponding online help article

Excel function arguments for ISPMT in German and its corresponding online help article
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Hi there,


I rarely use financial functions, but discovered today that the function arguments for ISPMT are untranslated (if not intentionally) for the German Excel Version 2016 and for Excel 2010 too.


The Excel Online Help states other argument names than displayed in the Excel function assistant, for example. The online article respectively translates the arguments rate, per, nper, pv to Zins, Zr, Zzr and Bw.





Additionally, the German version of the online article has an error, as it indicates the additional optional parameters [Zw] and [F] in the syntax: ISPMT(Zins;Zr;Zzr;Bw;[Zw];[F]). The two last arguments are not available for this function.




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Thanks for pointing that out @Deleted. We will have our Excel Localisation PM investigate and report back in our PowerBI Dashboard. Regards, Stafford 

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Hi @Mourad Louha

Just letting you know the Excel Loc PM does not want to change this as it is legacy. If you feel the content page should still be improved please submit another idea and we will action it. 




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Hi Stafford,

thanks - I understand that, as ISPMT is legacy, a change should be avoided. However, as you recommended, I will post a new thread regarding the online help article, as there is an error there.




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¿Hay un error en la funcion INT.PAGO.DIR (español) = ISPMT (inglés)?

Esta función y los ejemplos en la ayuda online y en F1 (Excel function assistant), establecen que la variable Per debe estar entre 1 y NPer, sin embargo admite valores como 0 o superiores a NPer.

Además, el valor para Per=2 devuelve el valor de Per=1, y así sucesivamente, en relación a lo mostrado en las imagenes publicadas en:


y en



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