Compatibility checker - Excel - German

Compatibility checker - Excel - German



 Jan 04 2021
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Hi there,

first, happy new year to all :)

This post is a translation to English of my previous post in German. I noticed in my latest Excel version 2101 Build 13264.20002 in German the following issues when lauching a compatibility check for a file using a LET and a LAMBDA function.



For 1: is there any reason, why Excel is referring to the future in that sentence? Dynamic arrays are now available since a while. Therefore, I would like to suggest to rephrase the part of the sentence ", die in Zukunft verschüttet oder verschüttet werden kann." to this text: ", eine Formel, die verschüttet werden kann."

For 2: it seems that something went wrong, as the question mark should be part of the error name. I suggest to rephrase that to "... neu berechnet werden, wird anstelle von berechneten Ergebnissen der Fehler #NAME? zurückgegeben." Note: the erroneous text does not always appear, I guess only when using new functions such as LET. But I did not test that more intensively.

For 3: while the text is in German, it seems that an Excel error code is used from another language, looks like Turkish. Note: my installation includes all available languages for a beta version (39 LPs in total).



Thanks @Mourad Louha we are investigating.